We find inspiration from all continents

There has never been any doubt, that the way we feel is directly connected to how we treat and respect the earth. We are inspired to use ingredients that have been used by ancient natives all over the world, berries fruits, roots, and so much more, fascinated by the ancient knowledge and their ability to live in harmony with their surroundings.


Organic Human is a unique and natural contribution to a healthier lifestyle. We believe in all natural, clean and simplicity. We know that a vibrant health, good energy and balance come from within.

This is the reason why all our products are developed on a very careful and accurate mixture of natural 100% organic ingredients to gather the correct combination of minerals, vitamins, proteins and antioxidants from all over the world, to match the body.

Our goal is to make your choices as simple and easy as possible to pick and choose exactly the products that match your lifestyle. In our assortment, you will easily find exactly what you need. Perhaps it’s a quick boost on the go, or perhaps it’s a daily supplement to your daily routine and lifestyle.

No matter what you choose, we promise you that you are taken well care of with a product series free of e- numbers, there is no added sugar and no additives.
For here and now results, it is all about feeling better and energized, and in the long run, it is really all about a healthier lifestyle, joy and happiness. Happiness from the knowledge that you are choosing something pure and good for you – and for our nature.

If we don´t take care of mother nature, it´s not going to be possible to take care of ourselves.

John Wøhk established the foundation of Human Organic back in 2007. John´s wife was pregnant and expecting their son, together, as 2 became 3, a journey to a whole new life began. Their entire mindset changed, it was now time to figure out which values were important to introduce and practice with their son.
John was very fond of the idea that their son would come in to this world as an unspoiled canvas, completely clean and untouched. And as parents, it was now their responsibility to give him and themselves the best conditions for a strong and healthy life.

As John was traveling on the road by car in his prior job, he always listened to a certain radio show – this show was all about additives and preservatives in our food, cosmetics and the destructive effects of this in our body. It even went as far as mentioning that our unborn children also get affected by everything the mother uses internally and externally.
This was unbearable for John and his wife, so they started eating all organic, shortly after their son was born, John realized that he could do even better. He decided to develop his own products containing only the good and none of the bad, for him and his family. John, being true to his knowledge and strong belief of humans being born clean and unspoiled he stayed true to his vision and founded Organic Human.

John´s fascination with the lifestyle of the natives, their ability to live long and healthy lives often under very rough circumstances, the natives who were totally depending on nature´s resources and where sustainability was a matter of survival. The natives and their thousands of years of knowledge of what nature offers, how and what to use for food and medicine are a huge inspiration for us, and leave us humble with the understanding that nature lives on fine without us, but we will never survive without nature.

It has now been 10 years since the first product line was launched from the principle that only the best from nature is the best for our products. Over the years we have added to our product line, everything kept simple and easy to add to your life, and your families.


John Wøhlk

Be Human – Be Organic

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